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I've had a unique relationship to technology for as long as I can remember. It just made sense to me and I've always been an early adapter. To me new technology meant new tools, new ways to connect to the world, and new ways to connect to people.

My career in technology started with a community wireless mesh network start-up. We were trying to build a ubiquitus WiFi network throughout the City of Victoria. A network that we could build a stack digital services for the communities where the network was present. I met my partners on the project through a public art project I had started a few year earlier asking the people of the city of Victoria, British Columbia, to interpret and photograph what "Made In Victoria" meant to them through 100 disposable 35mm cameras. The images were aggregated online and made available to the photographers to explain. It was a sort of pop up art gallery.

My life in business has included managing a restaurant, my own consultancy and support business, ecom and custom software development, and several years as the IT Operations Manager for the British Columbia Construction Association and the STEP Program. I put the people I work with first to be able to deliver results. I've always described my role as turning business requirements into technical requirements. I strive to be a resource through open communication, and straight forward honesty. I have a passion for technology that empowers and transforms.

My name is Liam McLachlan. I'm a Project Manager based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.