The Work I Want.

The future takes focus, understanding, and vision. You need to be able to define your outcomes, and your success. You need to know what you want, and what you're doing. You need help and support. So - What do I want to be doing? 

It's always a challenging question that isn't always highly defined. The edges get fuzzy and I've always struggled with it. The answer should bring clarity, and direction. I've always needed follow up questions for that. The closest to a clear answer as I've ever been able to get is this: 

I want to start something new - from scratch. 
I want to level up. Grow. Expand. Improve. Refine.
I want to work with people of passion.
I want to be excited about the next day and the next task.

More importantly, I know what I don't want. That's always been easy. I don't want to stop. 

I don't work without a plan. Even a basic one.
I don't work under the pretense of agreement without discussion.
I don't work without direction, without checkpoints, without reference, without success defined.

I work with people that are building their business. That are invested in what they are doing. That care about how they're going to be successful, not just that they will be successful. People that can measure their success, and define an outcome.